Jesus: Kyoufu no Bio Monster - translated cartridge

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sudo pip install python-bps
bps-apply Jesus\ -\ Kyoufu\ no\ Bio\ Monster\ \(Japan\).nes Jesus\ -\ Kyoufu\ no\ Bio\ Monster\ \(SC\).nes Jesus.bps
  • Ah. The patched ROM has a bigger PRG (512K instead of 256K). It is now identified (nestopia) as a SUROM, which also has 8K of W-RAM, not present on the original Jesus PCB. Makes sense, SGROM cannot handle more than 256K PRG, the only SxROM that has 512K and 8K CHR-RAM is the SUROM. Looks like an SGROM could be converted to handle 512K if CHR A16 is connected to PRG A18 ? That's assuming the translation does not use the W-RAM.
  • Some discussion about making an SUROM from lesser SxROM
  • Asked patch author about the use of W-RAM.


The guy never replied, he probably thought I was a repro maker trying to sell his translation in bulk off Ebay... Can't blame him. But now I know more about NES/FC cart PCBs so I could make progress on my own. So I flashed the translated ROM to a 512K (4Mb) EPROM:

readnes Jesus\ -\ Kyoufu\ no\ Bio\ Monster\ \(SC\).nes 1 0
minipro -p "M27C4001@DIP32" -w Jesus\ -\ Kyoufu\ no\ Bio\ Monster\ \(SC\).prg

And put the EPROM in a DIY SUROM Cartridge, and it worked!

Converting the original SGROM PCB into a SUROM PCB is in fact simple, and requires the same step as fitting an EPROM on an original SUROM PCB.

Jesus-PCB-1-720.jpg Jesus-PCB-2-720.jpg Jesus-1-720.jpg

And here is the translated Jesus: Kyoufu no Bio Monster gloriously running inside the original cartridge.