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Everyday is a Modding Friday

Modding Fridays is an online community of people interested to learn together about the maintenance, repurposing, and reappropriation of supposedly obsolete consumer electronics, for fun and profit. We see our interest as part of a broader conversation on post-digital culture, permacomputing and repair culture.

We welcome those who experienced near-death experience while trying to fix a CRT monitor with no understanding of electricity, as well as electronic kit hoarders, blink-a-led fetishists, serial hello world programmers, video game console modders, etc.

What is this place?


This is a wiki. This is where we keep tracks of notes, logs, hacks, documentation and bookmarks related to our interests and activities. It's a shared space, and you are very welcome to improve it and make it your own as well. To get an account, you just have to introduce yourself in our chat and we'll help you.


Next to the wiki, we also run a small chatroom, where we talk about Modding Fridays related topics and whatnot. It's an XMPP chatroom, but don't worry, if you do not have a client you can use the webchat interface instead.

Current Logs and Resources