PSP Custom Firmware install (ME-2.3 on PSP1004)

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Got a PSP (PHAT 1004) at Koningsdag. Trying to figure out how to change the original firmware (OFW) with an custom firmware (CFW). The version of OFW on my PSP is 3.52 (info buried in the menu, in system settings), and the latest OFW is 6.61. Each CFW must match an existing OFM, and there is a 6.61 CFW. There seems to be two popular CFW, Pro C and (L)ME. They both have pros and cons, for now, I'll give it a try to (Light) Minimum Edition, or to be more precise ME, as LME is the light version that is not quite a permanent firmware replacement. Installing ME is more drastic and can lead to bricking the device. However, the PSP1004 is one of the few PSP models that seem to be easy enough to recover if something would go wrong. The general advice is to stick to LME for more recent models (not even sure recent models can have such permanent mod anyway).

  • update to latest OFW (6.61 at time of writing, careful only update to an OFW that has a matching CFW!)
# plug PSP and select USB in the PSP menu
sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /media/usb
sudo mkdir /media/usb/PSP/GAME/UPDATE
sudo cp EBOOT.PBP /media/usb/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/
sudo umount /media/usb
sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /media/usb
sudo cp /path/to/original/EBOOT.PBP /media/usb/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/
sudo mv /media/usb/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP /media/usb/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/661.PBP
unzip release_661me2.3\ \(OFW\ Version\).zip
cd release_661\ \(OFW\ Version\)
sudo cp -rv * /media/usb/
sudo umount /media/usb
  • leave USB mode, go to games, memorycard and select the "Update Launcher for 661"
  • Follow process, update done, you can confirm in the system info.


Some notes on loading ISOs (to be put in the ISO folder at the root of the memory card)

git clone
make && make install
ciso 9 ~/Downloads/some.iso some.cso