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Open PS2 Loader (OPL) is a PS2 homebrew allowing the loading of PS2 backups either from the internal HDD (PHAT PS2 only), external USB devices, or a from a SAMBA network share.

There two versions of OPL:

Daily builds comes with lots more ricing, and experimental patches that may not end up in Vanilla. However daily builds seems to work better on some titles (Crunk's favourite did not load correctly on Vanilla).

Last but not least, OPL is shipped with several options: the Virtual MemoryCard (VMC) that you can use to have save files stored on HDD or external USB device instead of the the PS2 MemoryCards; the PS2 remote debugger (PS2rd), a software used to debug commercial PS2 games remotely over Ethernet; and Graphics Synthesizer Mode Selector (GSM), a tool to change the PS2 native video modes. With Daily Builds you get more stuff as well.



Installation of OPL in FMCB

  • mount USB key
mount /dev/sdX /media/whatever
cd /media/whatever
  • get OPL and unzip it
cp .
  • rename and move as OPL the OPL version you want to use (in this example, we chose the version that is shipped with everything)
mv OPL_1063_DB-TA_all-2c2dce5-2018-06-25 OPL
  • unmount the key
umount /dev/sdX
  • plug key into PS2
  • boot the PS2 and enter uLaunchELF (uLE)
  • Navigate to the USB key mapped as mass:/
  • Select the OPL folder
  • Copy it via the R1 menu
  • Navigate back to the root of the memory card, either mc0:/ or mc1:/
  • Paste the folder via the R1 menu
  • Turn off PS2, and take the key out
  • Boot PS2 and enter the FMCB Confugurator
  • Go to Configure OSDSYS options...
  • Move to Configure Item 1 and go to the right/left to find an empty entry, and select it
  • For Name:, put OPL or whatever you like
  • For Path1:, browse your memory card, either mc0:/ or mc1:/, and find the folder with OPL and select the OPL binary, in this example, it's OPNPS2LD.ELF, if that was from Vanilla, you would have something like OPL 0.9.x (OPTIONS).ELF.
  • Return to the main FMCB Configurator menu and choose Save CNF to MC0 or Save CNF to MC1
  • You can restart FMCB

Load backups from external USB device

Prepare the device

  • Partition the device as Win95 FAT32 if less than 8GB or Win95 FAT32 LBA if larger than 8GB, with your favourite tool (fdisk, gdisk, etc)
  • Format the target USB device as FAT 32
sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdx1
  • Plug the target USB device , and mount it
sudo mount -o user,uid=a,gid=a /dev/sdX1 /some/where

Installing PS2 CD bin/cue files

  • Create directory for CD if not present yet
mkdir /some/where/CD
  • Install bchunk, the CD image format conversion tool
sudo apt install bchunk
  • Unpack the bin/cue files (optional)
7zr e ps2_cd_backup.7z
  • Convert the backup from bin/cue to iso/cdr to the CD destination
bchunk ps2_cd_backup.bin ps2_cd_backup.cue /some/where/CD/ps2_cd_backup

Installing PS2 DVD ISO files smaller than 4GB

  • Create directory for DVD if not present yet, otherwise OPL won't see your files
mkdir /some/where/DVD
  • Copy the ISO file in the DVD directory
cp ps2_dvd_backup.iso /some/where/DVD/
7zr e ps2_dvd_backup.7z -o/some/where/DVD  # If you have an archive

Installing PS2 DVD ISO files larger than 4GB

TEMP: Use USBUtil 2.2, need to provide feature in ps2deep4u