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Chat 01 - 12.09.2020

Duration: 1 hour and a bit

Quick intro (Aymeric + Chun)

  • Who we are and who are you? :)
  • Why looking into 8/16 bit tech right now?

Catching up with modding (Aymeric + Chun)

  • show us your GBs :)
  • successes and failures so far?

Chiptune 101 (Aymeric)

  • soundchip/PSG music vs software/CPU synthesis
  • few examples of classic soundchips (C64/SID, ST/YM2149, MD/YM2612, GB, NES)
  • Making chiptune on the GB: writing your own software vs using existing software

Quick LSDJ HOWTO (Chun)

  • what is a tracker
  • hexadecimal values
  • vertical time scrolling
  • phrases/chains
  • instruments

Q&A/Discussion (Aymeric + Chun)

Chat 02