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I think I'd want to make a Fuzz pedal, Fuzz Face style. synthrotek has nice kits.

15/02/2017 Crunk

I have had this idea (and a couple of the parts) for a long time to make a Boss heavy metal hm-2 clone pedal. Swedish Death Metal Here Daniel Ekeroth explains why you need one and how to get the Swedish Death Metal sound out of it. Because all the levels need to be all the way open anyway My clone will just have a switch that says "Death Metal" (yes/no)

16/02/2017 Crunk

AliExpress Diy Guitar Pedal Cases These could also be great for trigger based drum-synths like the coron-ds7

This is a very verbose but decent schematic of the heavy metal hm-2 pedal Hobby Hour most important for the Sound of Swedish Death are the Mitsubishi M5218L dual op amps or NJM4558S

The Mitsubishi M5218L is hard to find and no longer in production. I think I have suitable replacements in my inventory. However they might produce clearer more crisp sound, not as gritty as the original sound of Swedish Death.

17/08/2021 Simoon

I built an "unremarkable" opamp fuzz circuit for a stompbox type pedal. It didn't require that many parts, and was pretty easy to put together on a breadboard. The diagram shows two opamps, but I was able to find a MC1458 chip that included two opamps in one. We had to hunt down a diagram for which leg meant what, but it seems to match up to what we found.

Circuit diagram for an EHX Muff Fuzz clone

      (TOP VIEW)
1OUT |1	   U	8| VCC+
1IN- |2		7| 2OUT
1IN+ |3		6| 2IN-
VCC- |4		5| 2IN+