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Requirements =

Prepare the PS2 for hot swapping

  • open PS2
  • block the lid detection mechanism

Booting into COGSWAP


  • An original PS2 DVD game (any should do but YMMV)
  • a blank DVD
  • GNU ddrescue -- to make ISO copy from original PS2 DVD game (unlike cat or dd, ddrescue will retry in case of read errors)
  • COGSWAP -- an ELF binary that permits the arbitrary boot of any CDR/DVDR
  • Apache 1.1 -- to modify the original ISO copy


  • make a copy of an original DVD PS2 game
 ddrescue /dev/sr0 donor.iso
  • Figure out which file is booted by the PS2 on this ISO (it's not always the same file):
sudo mount -o loop donor.iso /media/cdrom
cat /media/cdrom/SYSTEM.CNF
     BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SLES_535.33;1   <- # THIS FILE SLES_535.33
     VER = 1.01                         # IT SHOULD ALSO BE WRITTEN
     VMODE = PAL                        # ON THE DISC ITSELF NEAR PS LOGO!
sudo umount /media/cdrom0
  • Rename the cogswap.elf file to the filename you found
mv cogswap.elf SLES_535.33
  • Note the size of the file (important in case you use a different version of COGSWAP)
ls -l SLES_535.33
     -rw-r--r-- 1 a a 58160 Jun  9 16:58 SLES_535.33
  • Start Apache
wine Apache.exe
  • In "File", open donor.iso
  • click and select the relevant SLES file
  • In "ISO Tools" go to "Change TOC for selected file, then in "Size (dec)", put 58160 (adjust if needed), press "Update"


  • click and select the relevant SLES file
  • In "ISO Tools" go to "Update Selected File" and choose the prepared COGSWAP version of the SLES file, update.


  • Burn the modified donor.iso to a blank DVDR

Done you now have a PS2 DVD that contains COGSWAP.

  • Burn Ulaunch
wodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 -dao Ulaunch.iso
  • Copy newbie package to USB key
mount /dev/sdc1 /media/stuff
sudo cp -r Noobie_Package /media/stuff
umount /dev/sdc1