DIY Arcade Power Cable for Universal PSU

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Maybe not a good idea for all PCBs :)

The vast majority of Arcade PCB need to fed with +12V, +5V, -5V, and this usually requires a dedicated PSU with often some naked connectors wired to the mains. This stuff is enclosed in a cabinet, sometimes in its own enclosure, so that's fine. However, such a setup for a supergun, is a bit scary as the supergun is meant to be lying around most of the time.

Many modern superguns have a Molex connector for power, so it can be used with PC PSU. But you do not have one handy, there is still hope if you can recycle 2 universal PSUs and have them connected to the supergun.

For instance, the universal PSU plug pins can be taken apart, soldered on a spare PC Molex cable, and hope here you go, you can feed your supergun. Just make sure you respect polarity and set the right voltage.

Pins on molex.jpg

Ghetto arcade power cable.jpg

That said, be careful that you do not use that for too demanding PCBs. And arcade PSU can deliver 15-16A, whereas a universal PSU is more in the range of 1-3A (more if you have a more expensive one). Also, arcade PSU often have a voltage pot to make sure you deliver steady 5V. Universal PSU will fluctuate in the 4.5-5.5V range, which could, if not damage, at least make the game acting funny.

It should be fine for old single PCB, but yeah... don't cry if you start to smell something funny.